Hi my name is Nicholas Tamás, I am an industrial designer who has studied at RISD, MIT, and UTK. My design work has primarily focused on biomimicry and biophiliac designs, but I've also done explorations into numerous design styles and disciplines. Ahead you will find a variety of works from cutlery to jewelry and much more. 


My sculptural work is split into two primary categories: speculative design & material/process experimentation. With the former, I sought to create fictitious specimens and objects that act as design futures; bionic implants that replicate animal physiology, creatures that evolved on exo-planets, and alternative histories are a few of the subjects explored by these works. With the latter, I've mastered then deconstructed traditional craft processes then used them to make materials behave in unusual ways,  The most noteworthy of these are my plate metal origami series among others.


For ongoing or extensive projects pursued by both myself independently and with collaborators I have made a number of projects pages. These detail process from conception to completion and range on subject matter from architectural pavilions to a tabletop games. 

2D Works

In addition to my sculptural and design work, I've also done a variety of 2D works, primarily in printmaking. Like much of my sculptural work, my 2D work mostly functions as supplemental material to my speculative design projects and as material/process explorations. My other 2D work, however, acts as a departure from the intellectually heavy design and sculptural work and includes pieces simply made for fun.