more than

  just a generalist

I'm a designer who’s deeply interested in pursuing designs that intersect and interact with the human body and are inspired by natural forms and phenomena. I also enjoy designs that incorporate my broad knowledge of materials and processing to create something that is unique and special in both its application as well as its use of materials.

As a multidisciplinary designer, I am open to a variety of work from design prototyping, ideation, and UI/UX generation. Most of my client work is the intellectual property of those I work for so I don't share a lot of it here; but I enjoy jobs that are creatively challenging and allow me to work with people who are passionate about their company or individual designs.

A designer working at the intersection between art, design, engineering, & speculative ideas

I'm particularly skilled at wood and metal fabrication, exhibition lighting design, moldmaking and casting, prototyping electronics, 2D digital design via the adobe suite, 3D modeling via rhino, and parametric design via programs like Grasshopper and Houdini.

I am also very skilled at designing and developing digital designs from wireframes to completed prototypes. With my varied skillset I can bring designs from simple sketches to interactive prototypes in programs like Figma or Adobe XD, to publishable sites and working prototypes via HTML and CSS coding. Below is a short list of my education, work experience, and current skillsets.