Algorithmic Light Reflection Jewelry


Light is the only universal constant that we know of, more concrete and immutable than time or gravity, yet all we ever see of it are its reflections, its interactions with the matter in the world around us. It is for this reason that I chose to start this project by creating a methodology of visualizing light based off of its behavior and physics based properties. I began by analyzing the physics of light, how it behaves as both a wave and a particle and what natural phenomenons that leads to. Based on this analysis, I then began creating solid forms generated by light’s behavior as a particle. These forms were generated by creating multiple generative algorithms within Grasshopper, a plugin for Rhino 3D. The result of these studies is a form that calculates the trajectory of light within a closed space then creates a tapered line extending from the light source to the end of the light beam that shrinks at an exponential rate according to lights inverse-square property. Striving to create something precariously delicate yet beautifully intimate and personal with an element of nature we only ever experience indirectly; I chose to intersect my script with body scan data. By using the reference geometry of a person, this allows for the creation of solid forms that represent the light bouncing off of the users body generating a unique and personalized piece of jewelry. The end result is a generative piece of jewelry that conforms only to the individual's body and physicalizes the properties of light.


Research and sketches made to visualize how light behaves based on physics and different potential outcomes of creating a solid visualization based on its abstract properties.


   generation timeline

rendered model

rendered model